Friday, October 21, 2011

Knocked out

Suddenly I had fever. Fever weakens the body and the mind. I lied on my bed covered my hot and exhausted body with two blankets and slept most of the time yesterday. That I can do this is a luxury. I remember times where I went to work because I feared I'd lose the job if I'm not present all the time. I might have felt that my work is important and that only I'm able to do it. What nonsense. In one company we had so much work and so few people that I went ill to work due to solidarity. Now I've the luxury to live an illness. I can listen to my body and fulfill it's needs. I drink a lot and I eat fruit and sleep. The Aspirin that I took yesterday brought the fever down.

We wanted to drive to my parents this weekend, because my father celebrates his birthday, but this is impossible now.
Mysore class is cancelled, too. I didn't practice yesterday, today I want to do a modest primary. I shall see. I don't feel on top.

I'm a disciplined person, or better, I've a few strong routines that I always do: I'll make the bed (after my bf has left it, lol),  I'll clean the dishes. It feels good to have this done.

Ah, it also feels good to suffer publicly.

Btw: the book Linchpin by Seth Godin is a recommendation. You can buy it via my blog, a link is on the right side. 

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