Tuesday, October 18, 2011

I'm up

The sun is shining. It's probably cold. Cold and sun is a nice combination.
Last night I slept well. I need my sleep. It has influence on my mood and my thoughts. Today I feel better than yesterday, how good.

I feel that everything goes slowly in my life. It is as if nothing moves. I know this cannot be, but feelings can cheat.

My pictures have too sides.
1. They give me feed back, they show me the direction. On the picture of today I do dwi pada sirsasana. What improved is that the upper chest is much more open than a few months ago. See here. There is still too much pressure on the neck. I think the legs must move upwards or to the side, so that the head can be  up and not pressed down.
2. Despite all the self-critique I see that this is a nice pose that I'm able to do.  I look at my pictures and I enjoy what I'm able to do. What I found extreme a few years back became normal and daily practice. Perseverance became my strength and not speed development.

Today I'll practice at home. This is what is so nice in Ashtanga yoga: I know what to do also when alone.
1. Mysore classes
2. Once a week a led class
3. One day off during the week
4. Home practices
5. Once in a lifetime to travel to Gokulam, Mysore, THE shala.

This is Ashtanga yoga. :) :) :)

Kapotasana: I must repeat it, repeat it, repeat it.

What else: A Japanese soup kitchen has opened round the corner. I want to test it today. Yesterday night we passed by, I saw a Japanese man eating his soup with sticks. I made a remark, something like: Look the Japanese men like it. A smoking man who stood outside said: It's good. Now I think I must test it. Veg soups are on the menu, too, I checked this.
And again a paragraph on food. I don't like these food topics anymore. We don't starve in the Western world, nevertheless we behave as if we lack basic stuff. Restaurants shall serve as a coulisse at least the next months. There are other exciting topics than eating, eating, eating. I'm bored by myself when I write about this.
Time to move on......time to do some chores and then ......inhaling, exhaling, inhaling.......


Chelsea said...

dwi pada sirsasana...Whoa!

I find focusing on the food preparation to be much more fulfilling than the end result.

It is the journey...


Ursula said...

For me cooking is a ritual, too.

It starts often with going to a market. It ends when the kitchen is clean again. I enjoy the different steps.