Monday, October 24, 2011

I love to have an overview....

Second series has 3 blocks in my opinion.
First come the back bending asanas, one more intensive than the other. Most challenging is kapotasana. It will take years till I'll be able to do it.
Then after some neutralizing asanas, some intensive twists, the forward bending block  follows. All these challenging leg behind head poses come. I don't which one is the most challenging. It seems as if they are all doable without adjustment.
Then  a lot of balancing poses follow, karandavasana is the most difficult one.

Urdhva dhanurasana and the tic tocs are not part of the middle part, they count extra.

Back bending is a challenge for me.

Tomorrow I'll practice on my own. I hope I'll have enough energy for repetitions.
Thanks M for this wonderful free bird.


Dr. Ronald Steiner said...

Not to forget Supta Urdhva pada Vajrasana. It look so easy, but the Vinyasa in took long time for me to learn.
Enjoy your practice!

Ursula said...

:) I forget nothing.

The vinyasas are indeed so important.

I focus on them and I try to exercise them beside my practice. The vinyasas make Ashtanga to what it is and it's so often neglected.

Re Supv: I can role over my arm, but my hand loses the foot, hahaha.