Thursday, October 13, 2011

I didn't avoid the difficult parts.......

There is a theory  that it's better to focus on the own strong points and to get better at them than to try to eliminate the shortcomings.

In Ashtanga yoga nothing shall be omitted. Facing our difficulties is as important as doing such asanas that seem to be easy. That way we're confronted with ourselves. It can be an interesting encounter. Meet yourself on the mat. Look at yourself.....and then let go.

Today I switched on the CD by Sharath and practiced till navasana with it. The reason: When I practice with the CD I'm able to do the correct vinyasa count. I don't dawdle, I jump through and direct into the asana.

During the second part I practiced on my own. I wanted to repeat kurmasana. I wanted to add forward split and eka pada sirsasana. I wanted to work on the asanas that need extra love and attention.

It seems to me as if many yoginis want to practice second series. But primary has indeed some asanas that repeat in second series. Tittibasana A (see picture) is a transition in primary and an asana in second series. It's not easier to hold it longer. One can start exercising it when practicing primary. It comes after bhuja pidasana, kurmasana and supta kurmasana.

Enough, it was good, it's done. The vinyasas needs to be practiced in separate sessions.

OH, I must move on.......I must.

It can be, it can that when we learn not to avoid difficult asanas on the mat, that we also have the courage and strength to face difficult situations in life. 

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