Saturday, October 01, 2011

Haha, I'll go to the Oktoberfest this morning.

My bf asked me yesterday night if I liked to accompany him to the Oktoberfest. This morning a group of people will meet and have breakfast there. This is obviously also possible. E only likes to go when I accompany him. Of course I go then. It should be possible to have a coffee there (not a beer). But who knows, for the Bavarians a beer is liquid food, not an alcoholic beverage.

I planned to do the moon sequence in the morning, but I got up too late. Now I have to think: Whatever happens is OK. Hahahaha.......I love my life philosophy.

Hahaha, E has a new mobile phone. He's set the alarm clock for 9am. It's the sound of a crawing of a cock (interesting that this word has also the meaning of an animal, I'm amazed, lol). So I just thought I live in a village next to a dung pile.

The Ashtanga workshops in Munich are still in my mind. If I don't go I must do something else instead. This is for sure.

Time to move on.........


DeborahS said...

Oh gosh, I went to Oktoberfest back in... 1986? I still have a huge Paulaner glass mug but I use it for paintbrushes as no one who is 5 feet 3 inches needs to drink a liter of beer at a time! I have a weakness for workshops, I confess. Why don't you pick your favorite and just do one?

Ursula said...

Every year more people come and want to have a big party. It's overcrowded. Sometimes people stand in the ailes and cannot move forward nor backward.

To be honest I think workshops are too expensive in relationship to the outcome. I fear I've enough yoga.