Saturday, October 29, 2011

Getting to know life....

What is still possible with me in that life, What is possible today?
What am I allowed to experience.
What works, what not.........

My Ashtanga yoga indeed changed my life a lot. My love to that practice allowed me to see that different ways of living are possible. Not only my body became flexible, also the mind learned to stroll on new paths. I looked above the rim of my plate. I had to give up beloved concepts on how to live. I still feel a bit lost in cosmos, this is OK.

Writing has a similar function. It's a method to explore life, others and oneself. It intensifies the experiences. It shows ways. It shows me corners of myself and others I wouldn't have explored and discovered if I weren't writing. These insights can be life-changing. Minimum it's a reminder to live consciously. Writing motivates me to live, to see new  places, to try something new.
- To write lists "100 things I like about a person I don't like so much usually" can give interesting insights. One can also write a 100 list of a person one likes or about a relative. Repetitions are allowed and exactly these repetitions can give us a surprising answer.
- To write unsent letters (a writing technique) can reveal feelings one wasn't conscious. To journal is indeed a way to get to know oneself.
Do it and be surprised what these simple techniques can evoke.
Journalling also reminds me to act: I'm not sure if my yoga practice flourished like it did, if I weren't writing. A huge motivation to step on the mat is because I want to write about it.

Lately I discovered that my new passion taking pictures has indeed also the potential to widen my horizon. Of course I have to walk around and open my eyes when I want to take pictures. Who likes to take pictures  of the same street every day. One has to move to other places. Taking pictures keeps me lively, curious. In order to create exciting pictures it's recommended to change the perspective. this alone can be eye-opening. If one likes to do portrait photography one has to approach people and this needs courage. It means to step out of the comfort zone and to approach strangers for a  rather exciting play.

I love my tripod: Ashtanga yoga, writing, taking pictures. It keeps me lively. It shoos me out of the bed in the morning.

Life is exciting.
I'm glad that I can see this so.

Back to the basics: Today I'll prepare a mushroom salad. My cooking ritual has started already. I was in minimum 3 shops to get the best ingredients. I'm a hunter. I talked with the shop owners and learned that the mushrooms come from Poland and Russia usually. Only in the tiny vegetable shops they come from Germany and therefore they are fresher. Mushrooms from Poland are minimum 1 week old due to the transportation.

Most of the time I try a new recipe, also today. 

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