Saturday, October 01, 2011

Four hours at the Oktoberfest and why I liked it.

We were a group of 9 people, 1 America woman, 1 Frenchman, 6 American men, E and myself. This composition gave me a lot of opportunity to test my English in real life. Oh, my accent...hahahaha......oh my understanding....It's easier for me to talk than to understand, but I could follow the conversations. I had not the feeling that I missed anything. All were entertained. Even the shy one was finally singing and enjoying himself. Was it the beer? The one man napped a bit suddenly. The Bavarian beer in combination with jet lag can be deadly. Quickly the other ones took a picture. Hahaha.........

Even when having a reservation, after 4 hours the tables were cleaned and prepared for the next group. And 4 hours was enough for me. We had a 3 course menu, I didn't count the beers. E and I shared them and I had a coffee. The music was loud and rhythmic. More and more people dress in Dirndl and Lederhose, it's nice to see.

This has been  the Oktoberfest for me (for the next 4 years).

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