Thursday, October 06, 2011

A forest is more than a collection of trees......

....and an Ashtanga series is more than a collection of asanas.

I work on two ends, the whole picture and the details.

The whole picture means indeed to respect the vinyasa count, to stay focused and to move on and on and on and to create flow and heat that way, as long as the practice lasts. To have it easier I switched on the CD by Sharath. It gives me the correct rhythm. It doesn't allow breaks and dawdling around.

The details count, too. After navasana, I practiced on my own. I wanted to repeat asanas, like kurmasana and upavistha konasana A.

I also dropped back again, from standing position I went to urdhva dhanurasana. It's still possible, fear is felt but no comparison to how it was. I gained self-confidence over the years. My arms were strong and I could hold me easily.
No way to come up. I AM patient and content.

To stay on the mat is possible. It's not easy, but it's so much better than a practice with breaks.

Self-discipline, contentment, self-study, observation, letting go, focus: These are all words that I combine with my yoga practice. It's not only about doing a sweaty work-out.

I had a conversation with V lately. She told me about a satsang in India.
A student asked a yogi: Why do we have to do asanas?
The answer: In order to bend.
I'm not sure if "to bend" has a double meaning in Engish, too. In German it has a double meaning.
Indeed practicing asanas makes me modest and thankful. I bend. I bow down.

No, 4pm. Ah, grghhhhh, but I slept too long this morning. I have to move on.

Thanks to M this post comes with a visual entertainment. :)

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ionut said...

" is not the spoon that bends, it is only yourself."

Ursula said...

....mmmm, I'm sipping a hot tea and reflect if I've understood your comment. I'm not sure.

ionut said...

google for quotation and also look at the utube scene ...

Ursula said...

I googled a bit. I think we mean the same. You found a nice metaphor for it.

ionut said...

yes ... it was regarding to your V conversation

Ursula said...

This answer of the yogi is so profound, it shows a glimpse of what yoga can be.

It can give deep understanding.

ionut said...

thank you! i love you too!

Ursula said...

:) :) :)

ionut said...

haha :))
see...i am understanding it all! :):):)

ionut said...

I must say that your blog is incomplete! why? it is simple ... i mean you talk about yoga and all this stuff in here , but i have heard yoga is also about LOVE , and i have never seen a post of yours on love! really! when are u going to make one?!Maya Ursula please do a post on LOVE! please tell us how you "see" love...share this with the whole world for us to know!i mean does YOGA=LOVE? or is LOVE a part of YOGA?

Ursula said...

You see, love is without limits.


Promised I'll write a post on love. I'm not sure if it has a connection to yoga. We shall see.....:)

ionut said...

I will be waiting for this one!This is so cool!Ursula - an enigma to all the readers of her blog will finally make a post on love!

Ursula said...

.....even though I think I've written on love already. Perhaps the word was not mentioned, but I surely have told some love stories, within 6 years. Yes.

ionut said...

Well ... one more post on love won't do me and the rest of your readers no harm! And maybe yes you had done it throughout all these 6 years - mentioning LOVE , but if you are not mentioning it anymore then something must be wrong ... maybe love is not important for you anymore ... or maybe it's so special that u keep it hidden ... i don't know ... just make a post on LOVE.

Ursula said...

I'm very happy that LOVE is in my life and it has many facets.

It's not only self-love. Others are and were involved, too.

It needs a lot of energy not to write about others, but I think this is not my right. I've my journal for this.
My blog might seem a bit egozentric therefore, I don't care. I want to stay positive and analyzing or writing about others is a bit of a tabu.

I'm thinking already about some stories, which are always better than theory.

Love, love, love. Love and other people the essence of life.

ionut said...

Damn i am so curious to see what is written in that journal of yours ... i think you should also publish that along with the book :P
p.s.1.I am glad you have found LOVE in your life and it is present now, it's really a rare thing! keep it cool and never let it go! LOVE LOVE LOVE
p.s.2.I will still let Platon talk to me about you!

Anonymous said...

"to bend" in the English language means to be flexible. We yoginis need flexibility not only in body but especially in our minds. A stiff body can equal a stiff mind, a mind which does not allow new ways of thinking, loving, being. Most new yoga practitioners appreciate the ability to be physically flexible (limber) the most important. What they may not realize that to practice yoga WILL bring flexibility in attitudes and mind - a true blessing.

Ursula said...

My journals are written for myself, often I'm distracted and I change topics. Sometimes my writing is even cathartic, often boring. Daily life. Oh, I think that some pages are also full of humor. There are nice stories in it, too, well written. It's surely difficult to find the good pages.
Secrets can be found there, too, lol.
I write daily you must know since 2000. Every day 3 pages.
Like my yoga practice, journalling has brought change in my life (for the better).

I recommend it.

PS2: Hahaha......

The senses are give to us to enjoy them.

Ursula said...

Thank you Debb for the explanation. This is surely often forgotten. I like this interpretation.

The German word beugen has in addition an aspect. It's beugen in the form of "to give in", accepting because nothing else is possible.

ionut said...

Debb is right!

Ursula said...

OK, I try again so that we three don't get lost in translation:

Perhaps bending can have 3 aspects:
- to bend the body
- to stay flexible in the mind
- and to bend/bow/accept/understand in front of higher power than our own wanting and doing, life itself.

ionut said...

First of all we comment on this because of your conversation with V ... and in that context to bend had nothing to do really with bowing before a higher spiritual authority ,destiny,the course of life or whatever ... it simple means to also have a flexible mind!And there is no need really to mention the 4th meaning ... "to bend over" lol i just thought to this ...silly , i know lol

Ursula said...

Funny yes.

This is a good happy-end

(Let's bend, lol)

ionut said...

I just love your blog because sometimes you can be such an optimistic person Ursula and pass this feeling to the others ! ... and if i get to think about it it's not only this , your mind is flexible also , yes that's it ... Thank you for this evening! Thank you for this blog !

Ursula said...

My day cannot begin better.

Thanks for your wonderful comment.

Time to bend...:)