Tuesday, October 25, 2011


I was out and met a friend. This was nice, very nice as usual. One word provoked the next and at home I realized that I've forgotten to ask her if she likes me to take pictures of her. Next time.

I just went through my day. What else happened? I discarded old clothes. To create room is always something that I appreciate. Letting go is a fearless act: it tells me that I've the feeling that there is no lack. Everything is available if needed. I can let go when I feel so. The act of throwing things ago is liberating.

In the last years a lot of things had to go, it's an ongoing process with no end in sight. It is how life is, it's like ebb and flow or inhaling and exhaling. It's good if energy flows in both ways, in and out. If this is not the case the flow is interrupted. Those who only buy things have soon a problem. The other way round might not be a good solution, too.

The place where one lives is part of one's own life. It's good if energy can flow there freely.

....and I know already what I need next: a second storage battery for my camera........inhaling, exhaling.....


ionut said...

i got home just now from a friends's bday ...got some wine onboard ...... and i am "happy" ! ursula ..... i love you! ursula please go out and meet new people , reasearchers say it is good for longevity , i mean get out of home , get the most stupid jobs of all just to meet new people, it will do you good ........don't isolate yourself baby, it is not good ! i love you and care for you and i just want to kiss you and love you!damn i know you have a bf , sorry for talking this stuff.......i just love you!

Anna said...

A paid job per se is not the answer to everything!
Some/most work can be a cage for a free spirit like you... Financially you are obviously ok and your days seem happy and liberating - why add in a potential nightmare ;-) And, you don't need a paid job to engage with people or to prove you are a worthwhile person. Resist, Ursula, for as long as possible!

PS. Well done on the letting go. I love to see how easy it becomes to pass stuff on - even things I thought I needed to make me feel secure!

Ursula said...

Thanks for commenting Anna.

I agree now with you. This shows me how indecisive I am for the time being. I need more focus.

I love my life, why to end it? My experience is that the difficult times come from alone I don't have to search it.
Setbacks are on the way. My ideas are more colorful than lousy office jobs. I'd suffer each minute as I'm so conscious that my time is limited here on earth. I don't want to waste it anymore.

So yeah as long as possible.....a good life. ...:)

Anna said...

Gut gemacht!

Ursula said...

Danke Anna......:) ich muss lächeln.

Danke für den Schubs in die richtige Richtung. I don't want to be where I've been already.