Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Each pose can be cultivated - more and more.....

Might I be happy with those silhouettes, I don't want to lose more time with taking pictures and filming. That's how I start utthita hasta padangusthasana. Nowadays I want to lift the leg straight. First I stretch my arm and bring it in a horizontal position. Inhaling begins when the leg moves upwards. I need the deep breath for this, the breath helps me to reach the finger. I saw this on one of Laruga's videos
Note to myself: I'll focus next time to keep the leg more straight, also a bit bent is bent. 

In India they insisted. The chin must touch the shin. 

The secret of each balance asana: focus on the breath, strong bandhas, engaged muscle. Don't think anything. Each thinking even a "this is good today", makes me wobbling.

In the last phase one can see who is a hero, or who wants to have it easy. This pose shapes your body for the better if you do it with energy. To point the foot is OK. Keep it as high and possible. 5 breaths also counted slowly is nothing. 

The same sequence comes in the middle part of primary but then I lie on my back. Here the truth can be seen how open the hips are in reality. 

This filming and taking pictures spoiled my practice. I think I will dedicate only one day for this. Shall it be the Thursday or the Saturday. I want to practice, this is more important than to document so much. 

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