Sunday, October 23, 2011

Down to earth.....

It was my bf who shooed me to the led Ashtanga class this afternoon. Perhaps he liked to stay at my yoga place. At 3pm he told me: "You must go to be on time." And I went. I was a bit lazy, excuses why not to go fogged my brain. The best decision was to go. Of course. As always. My practice was excellent.

My Asthanga yoga practice brings me down to earth. It shows me that the moment is exciting and worth living consciously. All the hero dreams are soap bubbles. Hearing the breath, sweating, engaging the muscles, stretching, bending, that's it. This practice gives me strength and motivation not only to dream a life, but to live it. The current moment is exciting when experienced consciously. Every action and might it be even a lame one is better than only mind games and plans that only happen in the phantasy. The menu cannot compete with a true meal.

Today more than 100 mainly photographers circled me on Google+. Someone has put me in a cirlce with obviously much effect. I enjoy the interest that others have in my pictures. Life goes on. Breath by breath. Rome wasn't build in a day either. I love what I do, what else can I wish. Writing, taking pictures, practicing yoga, an exciting ménage à trois. And from time to time I entertain my bf. He picked me up after yoga and we enjoyed a delicious Indian meal. I was not dreaming this, I was celebrating wonderful moments.
I'm ready for a hot bath now.

The picture: I saw these balconies on my way home from the bakery this morning. Balconies are often used as storage rooms in winter. Away with all the redundant stuff. Less is more. 

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