Tuesday, October 18, 2011


Do I practice sloppy? I wonder.

The poses are volatile. Feelings change rapidly within a single practice. It goes up and down. That's how it is, I think.

I call this a practice now. I stop and I don't want to spend another minute thinking about my yoga practice. This was it for today.

Finally I wanted to take picture of a pose that is improving, Gomukhasana B.

Time to go out and to enjoy the weather.

Being content is also a yoga exercise. 


Chelsea said...

Gorgeous pictures!

Just being can be an experience in itself.


Ursula said...


Oh, and you're so right. Sometimes I forget this. :)

To be is enough, indeed.

Anonymous said...

Contentment is the most important word to me lately! When at a yoga class and the instructor says to hold the asana and think "peace, joy, harmony, strength, courage" I ALWAYS think "contentment". That word takes me to a place of total acceptance of what is and a conscious state of being in balance. The word contentment contains ALL the other words/feelings I strive for. I strongly believe that wihout a consistent yoga practice I would have never arrived at this place.
Namaste, dearest U.

Ursula said...

So nice to hear that this is your development.

Indeed, I think too, being content is a good exercise on and off the mat. Sometimes it's easier than on other days.

There is no reason not to be content either.

...and tomorrow I'll start fresh, I'll be curious what will happe tomorrow.

To let it happen is perhaps a good approach. It helps to soften the greed to accomplish anything. What is indeed in our hands.

Have a good day, Debb.

ionut said...

Ursula i love you! I do! I love you!I love you!I love you!I love you!I love you!I love you!I love you!I love you!I love you!I love you Ursula!

Ursula said...

Oh, Ionut.......:) :)