Monday, October 17, 2011

Do your best and leave the rest....

Either I tossed and turned or I had nightmares tonight. I cannot decide what I prefered, probably the nightmares. At 6am my alarm clock reminded me that the morning arrived. At 7am I was up. The cold shower  after such a night is a pure pleasure.

I start the week with second series. The poses are volatile. I do my best and leave the rest. M wondered why I make only tiny progress re kapotasana and urdhva dhanurasana even though I exercise so much and this since years.
"What holds you back?"
"What holds me back?"
I'm no more the youngest, I think.
M is creative and gave me extra exercises to improve the flexibility of my back. Me too, I look around here to find a possibility to stretch backwards, but it shall be passive stretching. I think of my sofa. I want to let it happen, I don't want to do anything actively.

Also the important leg behind head poses are volatile. Today I couldn't blame my weight. Nevertheless the poses were weak.
The results of my effort is out of control. I'm always surprised.

The understanding of the above poses deepens. The legs need to be strong and it's all about stretching forward.
Tomorrow I'll be on my own again. I should indeed make back bending a priority. Again.

After yoga I visited the new Schranne downtown. Oh my, is that posh there now, over the top. Champagne, chocolate, French sin,  and whatever one can get there now. It's a food temple. I only bought a baguette, I have everything. And toilet paper I couldn't get there. People only think of getting things and not how to get rid of it. It's equally important.

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