Monday, October 03, 2011

Come on in.

Come on in.

I just cleaned the doors, two doors, the one to the yoga room and the front door. This must be done, from time to time and today is reunification day. Let's open the doors (clean ones), let's be hospitable today.

I poured water in my little bucket, I put my chair close to the door and started my work. Especially on the frames dust gathers. I so  hoped that the water in the bucket would be dirty after my cleaning session. But I saw already that grey drops were running down the door when I wiped them with my wet swamp. With a dish towel I dried the door. I don't use paper anymore. I can use it only once and I think green. A bit more than 15 min I needed for the first door. The front door is larger. I started from the outside with that door. Already standing on my chair with the swamp in my hand, my neighbours were coming down. I heard them from far.

"Have you nothing better to do but to clean on such a sunny day?"
"I've always minimum 10 excuses not to do it. Today IS the day to do it. I'll go out later."
"Yeah, and we've so many warm days here."
"Yeah." (Thinking we have not.)

According to the rhythm of my washing machine I moved my arm up and down on the door, cleaning it. After one door only my wish was satisfied. I had to change the water as it was too dirty to use it for cleaning. What a feeling. My work was useful. I looked at the water when it was disappearing in the sink. Ah.

With fresh water I continued my work. After 30 min 2 doors were clean. I had set my pomodoro ( a timer in a form of a tomato). One must set oneself a limit. Always.
Perhaps I do another 30 min, but I'm not yet sure.

And today when we, E and myself will go out and when we'll go down the steps, I'll point at the door frames of my neighbours, sure that there will be clouds of dust. "Look", I will say, "they haven't cleaned it for ages."

Come on it.

My shining entrance door is telling this already.

Come on it.


Tui said...

"All men can come to me for aid,
The heavy-laden and the poor,
For I am that for which they prayed,
I am the ever-open door."

~ from 'Illumination' by Derek Neville

Ursula said...

Thanks for this poem.

So wonderful.