Monday, October 24, 2011

Can this be......

...that I slept so long.
It was a slow start. In the morning I was tired. Practice was hard. I avoided to drop back into urdhva dhanurasana. After yoga I went home. Then I slept till almost 5pm. Why that?

I live like an ascetic lately. Enough sleep, no booze, healthy food, but not much. Nevertheless happened  this "break-down" this afternoon. I slept as if I were dead.  If I'm able to sleep I seem to need it, I think I won't have missed so much, but I want to do so much. Sometimes the unconsciousness needs time to work. I'm up, time to start my morning routines that I call night routines now. I'll write my journal and I'll read. The light is almost gone, that's so at 5:30pm. I'll take my pictures about light tomorrow. Yeah, it's too late now.

So, time for some handstands first. So important. 

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