Saturday, October 22, 2011

Being disciplined can bring a lot of joy.

This morning I went into my kitchen to prepare a first cup of coffee for myself and my kitchen was clean. What a joy. I didn't feel like eating out yesterday. Fever returned, my feet and hand were cold and so I prepared kidney beans with a red pepper and a lot of garlic for us. Garlic is a medicine, a virus killer. And after dinner, I cleaned the kitchen. Being disciplined can be learned.

A few tricks might be:
- not to discuss if one does a task or not, simply doing it counts
- doing it NOW and not postponing it is good, too
- seeing the first tiny step that is doable
- knowing and remembering that the result will bring joy
- talking to oneself: I'm cleaning the kitchen now or I step on my mat now.
- knowing how long it takes

Every person is different, it might help to observe oneself when doing something easily. Then one can use the pattern for another activity one likes to do disciplined, too.

My night was interrupted with coughing, but I feel convalescent. We won't drive to my parents this weekend. This would be too early, I still feel weak.

The series: 
I analysed primary and second series.
It's obvious primary has mainly forward bending asanas (22). There are 2 twists, 2 back bending asanas (without urdhva dhanurasana) and 3 balancing asanas.
All asanas are deeper in second series, but it's amazing that most asanas are balancing asanas (15) followed by back bending asanas (9). There are 4 twists and perhaps 5 intensive forward bending asanas.

This shows me again how good it is to start relatively fast second series, too in order to have a balanced practice.
It is said that forward bending protects ourselves. I also think it makes modest.
In order to do the balancing poses, courage is needed and inner strength.

Today I'll practice the moon sequence by Sweeney. It's without vinyasas. The warming up sequence is even relaxing. I feel I need this.

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denise said...

Love this post Ursula! You are always inspiring! Good and healhy energy to you!

Ursula said...

Thank you Denise....:)
I'm fit again. I heal fast.