Sunday, October 30, 2011

At home again...

I just enjoyed a sweaty led class. The body is so much more flexible in the afternoon than in the morning. Primary seems so much easier since I practice second series. My goal above all asanas goals is to maintain a daily practice (6 times a week). At my age the body learns slower and I'm in peace with it. I do progress, this is enough for me. I don't want to invest more time and more money only to be able (perhaps) to learn an asana faster. Ashtanga yoga won't become a profession for me. I share my insights here on this blog, that's it. I have patience. It will all develop.
I enjoyed my urdhva dhanurasana adjustment as always.
I realized that my vinyasas became a tiny bit better. The last 3 hours of my life were again excellent.

Picture: This morning I was at an exhibition on fans. What an interesting accessory. After World War I the fans disappeared as women were allowed to express their opinions freely in public. In earlier times a fan was used for secret messages. Sometimes it was used also to hide bad teeth, or to hide a naughty laughter. When bored the women used the fan to scratch themselves behind the ears. Haha, I need a fan - for my pictures. I love this accessory. Also Louis Vuitton has discovered this thing for his fashion shows.
When I left the museum I saw this shop with all these old things (see picture). No, I bought nothing. I was also glad that there was no catalogue to the exhibition. I would have bought it how I know me. I walked home with a few new images in my mind. Enough.

One night and tomorrow second series. :) Fantastic. 

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Debb said...

And I thought fans were for women like me having hot flashes..haha..another enlightening post from dear U..interesting

Ursula said...

Dear Debb,
It was such a lovely exhibition with a lot of beautiful pictures. Fans were also used by artists to present their art.
Fans were sought-after object for collectors.

Surely a fan is an accessory to play a version of the game: showing and hiding.

With fans jealousy was expressed, but also anger and curiosity.

And of course it helped to cool during hot times.........:)

In Paris is a museum. One fan factory shall still exist. They produce them for Louis Vuitton for instance. The other fans might come from China and India. Haha.....