Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Ashtanga yoga is character building

We're a herd of individualists in our Mysore class.
I admired M this morning that he doesn't give up, neither a yogini/yogi nor the idea.
Giving up is out of question for him.

For me, too. I've a long breath.

My daily yoga practice made me stronger, my body became stronger, but my mind, too.

Ashtanga yoga gives the opportunity to get to know oneself, but only if one has the courage to look.
Ashtanga yoga is a tool to enhance life but only if it's practiced comme il faut.

My topic is dristhi and focus for the time being. Intensity.
I must focus on the 20% that is important, everything else is avoiding the essentials.

Looking around, making extra movements, taking breaks only use up the available energy and time.
My daily practice reminds me of being focused and it gives me the opportunity to exercise it.

Tomorrow is primary day. The vinyasas and back bending shall be my focus.

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