Thursday, September 01, 2011

"You'll experience a firework in your oral cavity."

This morning I said to E: This was a trap. I got envious yesterday night. This waiter could describe the red wine for minimum 10 min. This wine must be an experience, I thought and we ordered a bottle. "You'll have a wonderful company with this wine during the evening. If you drink it in 20 min it will taste differently than in 25 min," the waiter continued and left us then. So we were 4 yesterday: my friend A, my bf  E, myself and the red wine. What exciting company. Indeed.

A last breakfast in the 7the floor here now. Berlin will be at my feet. I love big cities. I feel excellent here. I enjoy the variety of people that I see here. Oh, time to move on. .......

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And I won't forget the few sun salutations..........

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