Tuesday, September 13, 2011


It counts as a practice. It was afternoon already when I started my practice. I had other things on my list today and I'm so glad that I could cross out something. I know now how my self-timer works and why it not worked. Important letters were sent. Only my book was neglected. Damned.

I was glad when I finally was on my mat. After the twists I filmed vatayanasana, this balancing pose of the second series.

A movie says more than many many words. It's always a learning experience to see myself:
- the hips need to be parallel when in upward facing dog with the one leg in padmasana
- I could also work on my hand position
- dristhi is upwards

Just got an Email if i like to eat out. Of course. We'll go to the Indian restaurant round the corner. I think this fits together, yoga and spicy vegetables.

Busy, busy.........

OK, the video is up now, the learning tool is up now.


lilasvb said...

it is helpfull to read your yogablog

Ursula said...

Thanks.Great to hear this. My blog is helpful then it two directions, for myself and for others, too. It couldn't be better. :)

Happy practices.