Saturday, September 03, 2011

Travelling and practicing yoga

Practicing yoga when travelling often  requires fantasy and creativity and SELF-DISCIPLINE.
Today we've to leave the Radisson blu in Dresden. Not so much time is left for a practice today and this after 2 days of nothing. We want to go out for  a breakfast, suitcases must be packed. I try to see it as an exercise of letting go. I often want to tame the tiger "Ashtanga yoga". It shall be important but not so ravenous that it eats up my whole life. It's amazing how quickly this habit can disappear from my life.
I just looked around. It's always an excuse that there is no room. A mat can be rolled out everywhere.

Three times in the week I think I should practice minimum. Monday I practiced, Tuesday I practiced. This evening when we're at my parents there might be a possibility to move a bit. Tomorrow on Sunday I could practice before we'll drive back to Munich. With every lazy day it gets harder to step on the mat.
On the other side it's really nice to travel and to see something else than the familiar surrounding.

It is as it is. Time to move on.

Shall I start on Sunday with second series. OMG, it will be a hard landing.

Dresden is very beautiful. If you like to see some more pictures visit my photography blog


lilasvb said...

i agree every lazy day make it harder for go back to the mat

Ursula said...

Everything is planned. Tomorrow I'll be back. 2 days off is still OK.....:)

Happy practices for you, too.