Friday, September 23, 2011

Time, time, time.....

Of course feed-back is very welcomed and I'm not at all offended. I know that it needs courage to make critical remarks (which I actually see as feed-back). Last but not least it's up to me to accept what was said. And D is right. He realized that I interrupt my practice too often for little breaks and this destroys the flow. Mmmmmmmm. I argued that I need props for second series. I.e. for pashasana I need a blanket. D: "You could also have your blanket handy." Mmmmmm. Right also. These little breaks are avoidance of effort. I relax during those breaks and the mind is distracted.  I know this, but it seems to be out of control. My practice became longer and longer in the last months. After the conversation before the practice this morning, I knew what my goal was: No breaks, no extra breaths, no hair adjustments, no moving of my mat.........Very consequently I focused on the breath and the correct vinyasa count.

The effect:
- I was ready 20 min earlier!!!! These breaks add up.
- My breath was faster because the practice was more exhausting. This told me also that my cardiovascular system got exercised, more than usual. This was what I always missed.
- There was no time for extra thinking or for being frustrated because the jumping through was not perfect.
- My practice got intensity.

The adjustments didn't interrupt my practice.
We summer hole Mysore practitioners are really pampered.

Realizing that my practice was 20 min shorter as usual I thought that these little breaks use up my time in daily life, too. The feeling of having not enough time is an ongoing topic in my life.

In class I'll focus on the flow for the next weeks minimum.
Otherwise I'll go through my routines. I need more time.

And here on my blog I'll focus on my weak asanas (upavishta konasana, urdhva dhanurasana i.e.) and the vinyasas of the primary.
Gregor Maehle recommends to do exercises beside the regular practice. I hope I manage to do it. Focusing on a few exercises could be good. Time: 6pm? Let's see if this additional effort will have a compound effect.

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Quentin said...

Try starting over with your primary series practice by doing the first day of 10 SS-A, final 3 and 10 minutes of corpse. Next day 10 of A salutations, 10 of B, final 3 and 10 minutes of corpse; next day same adding first two standing poses after Sal B's, then each day adding two standing poses. Upon completing all of standing poses, cut back on SS to 5 each, and then begin with two of Primary added each day. You may reduce to 5 of A, 3 of B, then 3 of A and B, all of which with no breaks, unless you need a rest during the practice and it should be in corpse pose. I believe this helps with mastering the salutations and calming the mind.