Sunday, September 18, 2011

Second series today

Morning routine: My body is still stiff. I just got up. A development can be felt every morning. I wake up and I feel stiff, after the Ashtanga practice I feel flexible. I don't get up and step on my mat at once. First I drink a coffee and I have a small breakfast. This wakes up the body and it's a routine to empty the body before practicing. This might be a tabu, but it makes a difference. I feel also better when my tiny breakfast is digested a bit, I use the time till I step on my mat to write my journal or to update my blog or I converse online. From being horizontal to standing in front of my mat passes about 90 min. (...and I wonder where my time goes, haha)

Another  huge influence on the practice has indeed the weight. I eat healthy. Salads don't burden my organism more than necessary. It feels good to feel light even after dinner. Everybody who does sports knows this. All sportive people take care of their weight otherwise they get problems with the performance.

The tricks to step on the mat:
- It's not easy to step on the mat at home. Also today I use tricks to make it easier: I say to myself: only sit, or do the sun salutatins A (not B). I know that I go on when I've done it.

- I discovered that it's easier for me to start when I hang forward for a while. This stretches the hamstrings already.

Self-discipline is a very useful skill.

After the summer break I wanted to be able to do pincha mayurasana in the middle of the room. It's scary. I should be able to do it. When I practice it close to a wall, my feet don't touch the wall anymore when I come up. Being in the middle of the room makes a difference. This shows me the huge influence of the mind. Pincha mayurasana shall get some extra attention today.

What else: Yesterday night we went to a laser show that used the "Old Pinakothek" as a screen. Rhythmic music accompanied the show.  The laser made this old building turn around. After a while one has totally forgotten how the original museum looked like.
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krille59 said...

Hello Ursula!
I have a question.
How long have you been practicing ashtangayoga?

I have practicing ashtanga for about eight monts now and have done half primary series. Right now I had to take a big step back, because of pain in my shoulders.
Did you have that kind of experiens? I mean that have you had to reduce your asanas because of pain or other problems during your practice?
Finaly I will say that I am impressed of your yogablogg and your asanas.
I hop that I can go forvard again in my ashtanga soon.
Best yogaregards from Krille

Ursula said...

Hi Krille59,

I've been practicing Ashtanga yoga for 8 years now.

I'm rather resilient, I have not had much injuries. Twice I've overstretched my hamstrings, which is very painful and it lasts long to heal.

I know why details are so important. Respecting the details prevents injuries. The rules must be respected. The shoulders are always as far away from the ears as possible, also when lowering down into chaturnga dandasana i.e.

Many Ashtangis practice very sloppy because flow is important. I think the details, the correct performance of the asanas is equally important. I write about the "details" therefore.

Injuries might happen, it's part of the learning process. You get to know your limits. In general you shouldn't be injured.

If injured practice around the injuries.

Within the 8 years I had to step back for many reasons: time was limited, i.e.. Also injuries made me be more carefully. Obstacles are on the way, for sure. Face them but go on with your practice...:)

Heal soon. I don't know a better yoga style but Ashtanga yoga.