Monday, September 19, 2011


The joy that I can spend my mornings with Ashtanga yoga is immense....:) I cannot imagine a better start of the "workweek", but to practice one of the series.
Today I practiced second series in a Mysore class.
Also today I forgot one asana, vatayanasana. I fear I've to repeat the correct order of the asanas. I practiced vatayanasana a bit later. Good that I remembered this pose still on time.

In my blog we arrived parighasana (see picture). This pose looks so harmless but it isn't. Due to my overstretched left leg, the left side is less flexible. Also the right side is not really convincing. I take care that the upper legs form an ankle of 45%. What I see is that the upper body needs to move forward. It seems to be a twist pose.

This pose gets an extra treatment tomorrow: I'll repeat it and I'll hold it longer than 5 breaths, perhaps 8 breaths or till I get bored.

Pincha mayurasana was very good today. I was able to come up twice without touching the wall. To go from headstand to pincha mayurasana was also possible without touching the wall with the feet. Tomorrow I will make the distance to the wall larger and larger. This pose should be possible in the middle of the room after the summer break. That would be great. There are again and again poses that confronts me with fear, fear to fall, fear to injure myself. When the fear is conquered finally it's always a good feeling that substitutes the fear. :)

Yoga and time is still a topic. My life must be organized consequently when I want to have so much fun with this body and mind work in the future, too. Ashtanga yoga needs time. Life must become simpler and simpler. After yoga I went through my drawers here at home and I threw away what I could. Many many pens had to go. A pen that cannot write anymore is garbage. It's always an act of liberation to let go. After my discarding sessions I feel always relieved. This process must go on. It never ends. Letting go is an essential skill that makes life easier.

Aging means for me becoming essential. I know more and more my likes and dislikes, my needs and passions. Everything else has to go (till something new interests me, hahaha). Re my yoga style I've focus. It is Ashtanga yoga that I love. It's satisfying to go deeper into one style instead of switching styles like jackets. I remember a time when I didn't care so much. I was happy about the different offers here in Munich. This has changed. Yoga means Ashtanga for me.
Focus in other areas in my life develop slower.

Tomorrow I'll be alone again on the mat, a mental challenge, for sure. I'm looking forward to my practice. It's planned to be on the mat at 8am. This is a good time.

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