Friday, September 09, 2011

Mysore class......

A perfect Friday so far. To begin the day with a yoga practice is the best start for me. I practiced primary (full  vinyasa) in a group of committed yogis and yoginis and we got pampered with supporting adjustments.

It helps me to leap ahead when my weak poses get adjusted.
Weak poses are upavishta konasana and urdhva dhanurasana.
Urdhva dhanurasana was surprisingly good today. I focus much more on engaging my legs when I want to come up than I did so far. Perhaps I forgot this. This is my work that I have to do. I'm not a heavy person, it's possible to pull me up. But this is not how it is supposed to be. The better my performance  the less the teacher has to do. I really tried to ground my feet and to engage my leg muscles in order to come up. Today it was good.

The vinyasas need attention: I've still the feeling I jump through somehow, all out of control. Also the jumping forward and backward can be done with control. It even shall be done controlled. I remember that Mr Swenson wrote in his book that the hips lead. There is still too much fear that control my movements. I must jump higher. The fear to fall over needs to be tamed. Perhaps I should fall on purpose to make the experience that I survive it.
I will break the vinyasa down in tiny steps.
- balancing on the hands can be one step as described in a former post.
The jumping back can be practiced in tiny steps, too.
- Lifting the body up is one step.
- Swinging through is another one.

My tip for beginners: Don't neglect the vinyasas. It's doable for 99% yogis and yoginis. A lot of practice is necessary, but it must be attempted.

What is worth doing is worth doing daily:
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ionut said...

This black and white picture is not you ... you are all colour !!! I think a more optimistic picture represents you ... and why were you keeping your hands like that , you had an headache or something ?! enlighten me ... or you were doing some telekinesis exercise maybe :))
p.s.i am a fan of Ursula

DeborahS said...

Hey Ursula, I don't thing coming up from UD is about weight, but rather about flexibility throughout the spine. I'm a curvy yogi, and I can stand up, but I can't jump through or bind in some things I think because my butt is too big LOL! Once the spine is flexible enough, you can shift more weight over your hips and down your legs, allowing you to stand up. This flexibility needs to come from the whole spine, not just hinging at the low back. It seems to me a lot of people are extremely tight throughout the thoracic (upper) spine, limiting their range in Urdhva Dhanurasana.
When I was younger (very younger, like 12) I learned to stand up from a back bend by walking my hands up a wall. This takes out the fear. Perhaps it's worth a try.

Ursula said...

Good morning,
You're right!
I'm experimenting with black and white and poses.
To be honest, I was unhappy yesterday about my photography results. Perhaps because I flipped through one of the first books by Helmut Newton "White women", that made him famous. Oh, I was on my knees, wow.
This black and white self-portrait does not really express myself, you're so right. I'm an outgoing person I love to communicate, I love to have eye contact, I MUST look in the camera! Yes, more optimistic, more color, is also true.
PS: I love your feed back.
PSS: That the background is fuzzy and that I am the focus not competing with my balcony background is good, the software allowed me to do this.

Ursula said...

Thanks Deborah,
It's always helpful to get tips from someone who is able to do it. I work already against the wall. It's true my spin is not really flexible, too long hours at desks can be blamed, lol.
Yeah, your kapotasana, so beautiful, 4 more years and I'll be there, hahaha........
To get faster there would mean more repetitions, more time spend with this pose, sometimes I feel I'm not able to do this. Doing these back bending ud and kapotasana requires also mentol
So, one day, it might happen.....

ionut said...

Nah ... you are good at taking pictures!you have skills!i was only thinking that posting posting radiant love pictures of yourself will build you a better egregor!

Ursula said...

For sure.

Black and white is strict, a statement.

Color is for pleasing.

A smile sells.

I love to experiment....:) I love to try new things, new pictures, new views. This might sometimes mean to step back. To empty the cup (of knowledge) again and again gives room for new knowledge and creativity.

...this keeps the inner fire burning......:)