Friday, September 16, 2011

Life is predestined, why worrying?

Life is predestined, why worrying?

I should fight more, is a thought that comes up sometimes. At the same time I see that this is not necessary. Everything comes as it shall come, fighting or not fighting. All attempts to change fate for the better are in vain. The name fate says this already. Acceptance is what is possible, acceptance of everything. Better or worse, it's all out of control. Sometimes it's even difficult to decide what is better and what is worse.

A lot of fire I feel burning inside myself when I think of my yoga practice. It's the spine of my life. Everything circles around this center. It gives me stability, relaxation. My practice gives me even advice how to live. For instance: I see how good it is to focus on the breath during my practice. This tells me to apply focus in other areas in my life, too. And it works.
Might be that my yoga practice (I refer to all the limbs) is only a tool to better life, but it's a damned good tool.

I celebrate this morning with a second cup of bitter coffee. This bitterness tastes good for me. Not everything needs to be sweet to be good, it can also be bitter and salty and sweaty. In one of my last practices I licked away  the sweat from my lips. A slight salty taste entertained my tongue. How delicious. The variety is it: sweet, bitter, salty, sour.

This morning I thought it could be a good idea to buy flowers for myself on a weekly basis. I love repetitions, rituals. Shall the beauty of the flowers blow away the tiny bit of worrying that is still coming up from time to time. As long as I can buy flowers, there cannot be a lack of anything else, isn't it? A good reminder that comes with beauty. When I worry a lot I can buy many flowers, when I worry only a bit I can buy 1 flower and when I don't worry at all I can buy flowers because I love flowers.

Upavishta konasana (see picture) develops slowly. I'm glad that I practice again primary today. There are still poses that need a bit more attention. Beside upavishta konasana, it's kurmasana and the vinyasas of course. The highlight of my primary is still how I do supta kurmasana. The impossible became true. I go into the pose via dwi pada sirsasana. :)
I took some pictures yesterday of my practice so today I can practice without interruption, which is a challenge. Visual food for my yoga blog has been prepared. Focus can happen.

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