Tuesday, September 20, 2011


Nothing frustrates me more but kapotasana. I even see progress. Nevertheless, when I get out of this pose I'm in a valley emotionally. My limits are reached psychologically and physiologically when I attempt this crazy pose.
- The hands are so close to the feet, but they don't touch.
- The elbows are far away from each other. It's impossible to keep them parallel. I try it. Finally they must rest on the floor. It's indeed a long way down.

What remains? repetition, repetition, repetition and practicing contentment.

Tomorrow I'll have help. How good.

This pose is possible within my life time. It IS.

How many more years will it still take?

Urdhva dhanurasana devolops very slowly as well, but it doesn't frustrate me so. Today I dropped back again from standing position. Feet were parallel. I didn't push the hips forward as much as possible. I engaged my leg muscles. The feet were grounded. It was a nice falling back. My arms could hold me, I felt safe. No way to come up.

Ah the back bending asanas. They are so good for the spine.

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