Thursday, September 08, 2011

It feels good.

I discarded clothes. I had to go twice to the backyard to take down that mountain of jackets, trousers, scarves, shoes. Relieved. Room was created. The last act is important, too. Only when the things are out of sight the work is done. The danger to hang stuff back is too big. I know this already. Letting go, also when it's only stuff, facilitates life a lot. A feeling of liberation comes up. Always.

What to do with my carpets?
I'll have to go through my CD collection, CD after CD......

Letting go of things creates room for new things,
letting go of the past creates room for new adventures,
letting go of unuseful thinking patterns creates room for creativity.

How did all these things enter my life?

Time to have lunch. Outside.

Picture: The swimming pool in the Radison blue in Dresden.
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Tracy said...

Exactly what we are doing right first it was hard for me. Now I look forward to letting the next thing leave my nest!

Ursula said...


One must really pay attention.

It's an ongoing process. Buying is part of our life, so must be letting go. Otherwise we've to care more for our things than our lives and adventures.