Monday, September 12, 2011

If I had only known this earlier.....

Currently I'm reading a book on journalling. The author Kate Thompson recommends to read loud the journal entry after having written it. A few questions shall help to give oneself a feed-back: what were the topics? What feelings come up? Answering these questions can be or should be done in written, too. This feed-back takes not much time but makes such a difference. I realize i.e. that my first two pages or even 2 and 1/2 pages have 1 or 2 topics (I usually write 3 pages). Then I jump from one tiny observance to the next. I jump from planning my life to planning my day. Concentration fades. I've the feeling I only want to fill the pages. It reads awfully, it's boring. I think it's possible to write a journal in a way that one likes to reread it one day. Realizing this I will focus on less topics, but I'll go deeper into it. It's never possible to capture a whole day. Also here focus is necessary.
If I only had known this little technique earlier I think. But I haven't known it earlier and it's wonderful that I've discovered it now.

If I had only known this earlier is a sentence that comes up sometimes when I think of my yoga practice. I wish I had worked more intensively on the vinyasas i.e.

What should you have known earlier in your yoga practice? 
I remember a former colleague who offered sales training while I worked in the insurance branch. In the first week in January she asked during such a training: "When do you think starts the final business of this year?" The answer was: "Now, in the beginning of the year." If one hasn't visited enough clients during the year, there is nothing to follow up at the end.

In yoga it's similar. I want to assert that learning the 3rd series starts with the sun salutations, with a proper downdog, with jumping forward and back ward correctly. I explain. An example. When doing handstand i.e. strong arms are necessary, but also the hands need to be firm on the floor. Strong finger help to balance. To press the hands towards the floor can be exercised already in down dog. Observe next time if your hands are flat on the floor, if the finger are spreaded. This gives stability. The middle finger point forward.
The practice also looks so much better when the fingers are closed when they are in the air.
I could give a lot of examples. Practicing diligently primary series builds the basics for what is coming.

Highlights happened today during an intensive Mysore class. I could come up from laghu vajrasana. I thank Kino MacGregor for this. Yesterday I learned from one of her videos how to do it. She is such a jewel for the Ashtanga community with her skill to analyse and to explain the poses.
Thank you Kino and happy birthday.

The discussion is where the hands shall be? Around the knees are close to them or at the ankles. Different ideas circle in the community. More important is to come up from this pose. Having had my hands around my ankles allowed me to come up from the floor. The knees came up, too. It's ok. It's all work on progress.

I've the feeling that we all leap ahead during the summer pause here. It's nice to see. I'm very thankful for the Mysore class  that is offered.

Happy Monday and keep flying. 


DeborahS said...

Beautiful post, and I'm glad you thanked Kino and wished her a happy birthday, I should do the same.

Ursula said...

Thank you Deborah,

next chapters will follow, too. Today I'm busy with bureaucracy. It has to be. Everything overdue here......

Have a good day.