Sunday, September 04, 2011

I practiced under the sky in the shadow.

Sunday is second series on my schedule. I so hoped for warm weather. At 10am I could step on my mat outside. I could practice in the garden of my parents. I stepped on my mat with zero expectations (after 2 relaxing days) and so I also couldn't get disappointed. Much was possible, even dwi pada sirsasana. My father thought I prepare myself for a performance for a circus.

No breaks happened, I observed the breath. It guided me through the asanas and vinyasas.

An observance: First I wanted to practice second series. As soon as I was taught all the asanas I had preferences. Please not mayurasana, I thought, and the headstands I didn't like either. I like to exercise the leg behind head poses. Seeing this I realize that this is an opportunity to learn. Likes and dislikes are part of life. The consequence needn't be that we only pick the likes and discard the dislikes. It's all part of life, simply observing helps to do all the poses. It can be that suddenly what I disliked, I like after some time and the other way round.

My recommendation: don't omit anything, neither an asana nor anything else.

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ionut said...

Hello Maya Ursula!
Could u make a post for beginners (please) where u explain to a beginner how and where to start, what asanas are easy and with what would u start if u were a beginner ... i mean u only post advanced stuff and i bet 99% of your readers can't do what you do,or maybe they can , or maybe they read your blog because you are pretty,intelligent and famous(and yes you are!i think of you twice a week or maybe often,so you are,don't say u aren't)! I myself only read your blog because ... i don't know why ...
P.S.1.Your father is right sometimes :))
P.S.2.OK!I also (like the rest of 99%) believe you are pretty,intelligent and famous!

Ursula said...

Good morning my gipsy ionut,

Posts for "beginners" (I'm also a beginner, perhaps an advanced beginner) will come again when I'll be through the asanas of the second series. Then I'll start again with primary Ashtanga series.

A good start are the sun salutations to warm up the body. For some these lively movements might be enough.

I still think of a post for you "Ashtanga yoga and enlightenment". It becomes preciser in my mind. This will come, too.

Have a good start in the week.

Thanks for you compliments, of course I enjoy. :)

ionut said...

Yes i am waiting for your "Ashtanga yoga and enlightenment" post ... i bet you will "disappoint" me again ... i'm sure again you will cite others and come with somebody's else opinion ...

Ursula said...

We both shall be surprised about the post. I'm looking forward to it, haha.

ionut said...

haha ... u made me smile ... u little monkey :))