Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Gomukhasana A and B

Haha, I discovered this morning that the order of the picture is not correct. Details count, but I don't care now. It is as it is. 
To get into gomukhasana one jumps through to a sitting position with straight legs. Then the legs can be put in gomukhasana position. First I thought I jump forward and land on my knees. 
Also this pose is an active pose. If I don't balance actively, I fall. 
How to balance: I press the feet in the floor, bandhas are engaged. When the breath is deep and even and when the eyes gaze to a point it's possible to remain calm and stable. Relaxation comes later. This might be a sitting position, to hold it energy is needed. 

Yesterday I read a blog post by Susanna and Jens on Sharat's conference in Denmark. Interesting was that Sharath mentions that also the yamas and niyamas are practiced when practicing asanas. I think he's right. 

This means that the asana practice covers all the 7 points of the Ashtanga path. Only No 8 "waking up" remains a mercy. 

The asanas give stability in life. I agree. 

A great influence on my yoga practice has the food that I eat and the beverages that I drink. I eat healthy, I eat vegan (no animal products) and it feels so good. I got into the habit to drink more water, this feels good, too. No, I don't walk around with a water bottle all the time, but I've a glass of water next to my PC. Always.

Tonight I had nightmares again. When I woke up I was amazed how real everything appears when dreaming. I cannot remember the contents anymore. It disappeared when I opened my eyes. It disappeared like the fog in the morning that the sun burns it away. But what is the difference when my eyes are open. It all seems so real, too, indeed. I know, it's dreamland no 2, entertainment with open eyes.

The plan was to be on the mat at 8am. It's 8:30 already. So it is. I take it easy. What can "I" do anyway?


lilasvb said...

this morning i went to the mat but no vinyasa flow, only a few posture, love to follow you

Ursula said...

This is wonderful. Sometimes a soft practice is better than a sweaty one because one respected the body and the own needs.

Thanks for reading.