Friday, September 16, 2011

Friday evening, some combine this with the beginning of the weekend

After my yoga practice I went out with my Nikon. I wanted to take pictures of locations that could serve as a place to take pictures of people. I remembered a place close to the Castle Nymphenburg. A decade ago I lived closer to that place and I was much more often there than nowadays. Once it was raining that time back, but I felt like strolling around. I put on my Burberry and walked slowly to that place at the end of the artificial river that leads to the castle. The place was deserted, I liked it. Then a man with 2 Afghan arrived, also enjoying the view. It happened that we talked to each other. I've probably admired his dogs with the long blond hair. I think we talked about dogs, business, rainy weather anything like that. Then he invited me for a drink to his home which was not so far away. I agreed and followed him. At his home he opened a bottle of wine, I made myself comfortable on his sofa. We were talking about everything and nothing. One word gave the next. Soon he went to his bathroom. A bit later I heard how the door opened. I looked to the right because I wanted to add something to the last conversation. There he stood, totally naked. Quickly I grabbed my handback and I fled from his flat. This was a bit quick. I mean his offer. 

Mmmmm, if you like to see the place where I met the two Afghan with the man, please have a look at my photography blog

More stories were wished and they come, lol. 

But I distracted. I wanted to write about my yoga practice this morning. It was more than excellent. In the morning my mind was spinning, digging in the past, remembering old old stories, regretting some mistakes. This is the best moment to step on the mat, I thought. And so it was. On my mat I had focus on my breath and I practiced one asana after the other. My left leg is healed now 98%. This makes it easy to bend forward on both sides till the limits don't allow to go deeper. I added hanumanasana. Supta kurmasana, urdhva dhanurasana were perfect. I finished the practice with Sharath's CD. It's so much easier now for me to stay in headstand as counted. 10 min deep relaxation followed and then a hot bath. My practice saved my day. Again.


Anonymous said...

In America we say "A picture is worth a thousand words".. That's all I can say about this post
(haha). Have a great weekend full to the brim with satisfaction and contentment dear U..

Ursula said...

Thank you Debb, and I wish you the same. Yeah, everything is perfect here.

We've a wonderful autumn. This is always so when the Oktoberfest starts. It starts today. We won't go. I'm not such a fan of this beer party.