Wednesday, September 14, 2011


Despite not feeling so much progress when I practiced today, I feel so good now, even excellent. Focusing on how I feel  makes it easy to exercise contentment.

When I practiced vatayanasana today, I lied on the floor before moving into upward facing dog. I wanted to make sure that the hips were parallel. I felt how much more I had to stretch the front side that way. This will improve the pose. Today I wobbled a lot. Haha.

Having an adjustment when practicing dhanurasana helped me to have it easier when doing kapotasana. I think so. Perhaps I took it easy today.  I could go so deep into dhanurasana that my elbows went to the side. Dhanurasana feels good. This was a highlight today. A deep dhanurasana helps me to keep the spine flexible.

There is not much to pen down.
I'm glad that I can use my self-timer again. My pictures help me a lot to improve my practice. I will surely apply this learning tool in the future, too.

Tomorrow I'll practice primary again: The vinyasas will have priority.


Rajesh said...

Congratulations for that pose

Quentin said...

I have gone back to beginning with 10 SS-A and 10 SS-B on 2nd day, final 3 and 10 minutes of corpse. Just wondering if you started as beginner doing 10 SS-A, final 3 and corpse? or did you start with led class 1/2 primary? The reason is that I have noticed the SS are getting sloppy doing led class and decided to go back to the beginning. This worked so well for me, that now my class is now starting back to beginning and we dropped the led class 1/2 primary to do Mysore. What are your thoughts?

Ursula said...

Thank you, Rajesh.

Ursula said...

Hi Quentin,

I started with 5 SS-A and 5 SS-B. When I practiced primary till the end I dropped 2 SS-B.

The intention of the SS is to warm my body up. This is done with 5 SS-A and 3 SS-B. I pay attention that I practice correctly, I go down slowly into chaturanga dandasana i.e.

I think it's good to have a led class once a week. This is enough for me.
Of course I try to practice diligently when in a led class.

Did this answer your question?


Quentin said...

yes, good for you. in days of old when yogis were bold, I loved the challenge; things are changing and change is good from Jois Family. I see doing 10 SS of A and then B as a means of improvement for breath, bandhas and focus. You are fortunate having Ashtanga studio nearby.

Ursula said...

I'm thankful for this every day.

But please remember. Most of the time I could only go once to a Mysore class in the evening and that only for 7 months a year.

Times have changed in the last 2 years. This time for the better. lol.