Monday, September 26, 2011

Extra exercises beside the regular practice to learn the vinyasa

I've the exercise from the book by Gregor Maehle. He recommends lifting up the body and holding it up to 15 breaths.
The next step is to swing the legs through the arms and to stay there for another 15 breaths. The closer the legs are to the body the better. The strong muscles between hips and legs are needed. They become stronger when using them. What is seen on the picture is still the easy part.

These tiny exercises I'll integrate in my daily life. Jumping backward seems possible, but not without exercising it. Practicing it when doing primary alone is not enough. It needs special attention.

This morning I practiced second series. After a break of 2 days my practice was exhausting. I did it and this is what counts. Afterwards I felt good, this is always so.

I just wrote about extra exercises. In general I want to tame my practice. Exercising 6 times every week is enough for me. There are two workshops in October that interest me. I'm not sure if I'll enroll. There is already enough yoga in my life. Of course it's always nice to see yoginis and to learn something. But enough is enough.  Other areas of my life shall flourish, too. The goal of my yoga is to balance me, to keep me fit. I've no professional ambition, this means I've to limit the time for yoga. It cannot use up all my life. It has the potential to be very demanding.

It's so good weather outside. I'll have a coffee outside. 


Quentin said...

final pose before corpse, tolasana/uthpluthi, hold for 108 breaths. I can do this, but my float up and back needs more work. Keno McGregor has an awesome float up and back.

Anonymous said...

I have such trouble lifting myself that way! Very frustrating!!