Wednesday, September 07, 2011

At home.....

I'll try a practice later. My right shoulder, pectoral muscles and back muscles hurt awfully. Yesterday night I couldn't put off my blouse. My bf had to help me. It was that bad.
I tried to practice in the afternoon. To do sun salutations was painful already. Those asanas were possible that didn't require to move the arms above the head.

This morning I woke up, first action was to start a sun salutation. It's better. My sleep was interrupted each time when I turned my body to the right side. Nevertheless the healing process must have started already. My right side feels a lot better than yesterday.

During the soccer game I tried the primary series asanas. But here too, I've to stretch forward and the arms are above the head when doing the stretches like in paschimottanasana.

"Focus on healing," my bf said to me, this is what I do now. I'll postpone my practice to the afternoon, because later my body is softer. And I'll take it easy.

I refuse to take pain killers only to be able to practice. My intention is to become more attentive, more sensitive and not to suppress reactions of my body.

Nothing can be forced. 
- Instead of pushing too much it's better to approach the limits slowly.
- Staying long enough in a pose allows to get a bit further without aggression.
- I always make best experiences with repetition. The second time an asana is most of the time already much better. When I take pictures I've to repeat an asana up to 5 times sometimes. Each time I can realize improvements.

And what when it's too late already?
My experience is that it's good to practice around the injury. Pain shows the way. So no back bending for me today that requires to move the arms above the head. This is only kapotasana and urdhva dhanurasana.

A friend started a new blog on Ashtanga yoga and art. Her post about the workshop with David Swenson is very interesting: Read here.

My blog design is different again. Accidentally I deleted the former adjustments. It'simpler again, what I appreciate. Not so "creamy" anymore. I found someone online who helps people with blogger issues. Here is his link.

Time to move on......


Quentin said...

your page opens up at top of page now. thanks for the redesign.

Ursula said...

Thank you for the feed back Quentin. It made me crazy, too.

It depends where the Google calender is. The code must have integrated to which place the cursor should jump. Ah.
Finding this out messed up all my design. But I'm happy now for the new one. It's simple.

M_in_M said...

Hey Ursula. Hope you'll get better soon from your injury. By the way, the redesigned blog looks great!

Ursula said...

Thanks for the feed back. It's simpler again what I like.

The text is readable. Colors come from my pictures.

Have a good time.