Thursday, September 22, 2011

All things end finally. There is the closing sequence.

Salamba sarvangasana: Sometimes I see pictures of workshops and not one single yogini or yogi is correct in that pose. Most of the time too much weight is on the neck. The elbows need to be parallel. The weight is on the elbows. Ankles are together. Best is to correct oneself via a picture. It's not necessary to go to shoulderstand via halasana. It's also not how it is supposed to be. Go straight into the position. The chin moves a bit upward. From time to time one has to adjust the pose. Details count if you want to play it safe.

Halasana: It's an active pose. The back remains straight. Only the legs lower. If possible the palms of the hands can touch.

Karna pidasana: Here, too, if possible the palms can touch, but this is often the next step.

Urdhva padmasana: It's possible to fold into lotus pose without helping with the hands. I usually help a bit. The pose is active, too. It' not that the knees rest on the hands The hips move upwards. Relaxation comes at the end.

Pindasana: One of the few poses where the back is rounded. Challenge is not to role to one of the sides.
Matsyasana, the counter pose follows. Dristi is the third eye, the front remains without wrinkles. (wink, wink)
Uttana padasana: The legs are in an ankle of 45%. Many have the legs much higher (it's easier that way). Check it.
Sirsasana: I want to have it easy here, this is why I take care that my elbows are close together. Many many yoginis have the elbows too far away from each other. This makes it more challenging to balance. More strength is needed. The better the balance the less strength is needed. I always measure. The hand must be able to hold he upper arm, then the distance is correct.

And finally the baddha padmasana, yoga mudra, padmasana and utplutih. Done.

How long to hold each position is surly a good question: It's counted differently. To count till 10 is not wrong.

10 min relaxation on the back (minimum), the show is over

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