Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Yoginis love to travel, I'm in Berlin

Yeah, Berlin became a mecca for yoginis. The Ashtanga yoga scenery is famous. A lot of studios opened in the last years. I was at It's in Berlin-Mitte. It took me almost 1 hour till I was there, but I arrived.

In the entrance room I could already hear the breathing of the yogis and yoginis. That's it. This is Ashtanga yoga. The breath is the music for Ashtanga practitioners, not the noise of drums and flutes and guitars.

Of course I was curious about the adjustments I'd get. I practiced primary:

Pada hastasana: the elbows move outside, even though the flat hands are under the feet.

Marichyasana A: To have the shoulders parallel is very difficult if one doesn't control this in the mirror or via pictures again and again.

Supta kurmasana was also adjusted. The other adjustments were rather tender, not this one. I'm resilient and I trust, I love both the soft ones and the hard ones. The crossed feet behind the head stretch upwards or forward, the shoulders move backwards, the chest opens.

Urdhva dhanurasana: After having done my 3 uds from the floor, I got help to drop into the pose from standing position. I came up with help but my feet pointed outwards. This shall not be so, I know this. The feet need to be much more grounded. I was recommended to do much more leg work and not to move the hips forward when dropping back. I'm rather light and teacher can pull me up easily. This provokes a certain laziness from my part. Also D said the last time to me that I was heavy, what meant I don't work enough to come up.

I'm inspired and motivated.....:) to work with committment, searching my edges and going a bit further.

It's so nice to be in Berlin. It's dirtier than in Munich, I don't care. Whatever one does, in Berlin one finds like-minded people.
I regret that I can only practice once in that beautiful studio with this committed Asthangis and supporting teachers.


In an hour I'll see a friend. We'll go to the Winterfeldmarkt.
At night A and E and myself will have dinner together and tomorrow morning my E and myself drive to Dresden. I plan to do at least a few sun salutations in the moring.

It was worth to have spent the day in the train yesterday. Berlin is a lively city, it is indeed a city, while Munich is a village, a beautiful village with many seas around it and the Alps very close. :) 


Anonymous said...

Yes, Ashtanga yoga is all about the breath.. the best way to balance your life is simply to breathe in and out - it clears the mind. I love the reminder..
I also love to hear about your travels, dear U, I travel vicariously through you (wink)..

Ursula said...

Thank you Debra for travelling with me. Wifi connection is not always good, therefore my late answer.

Dresden is really a surprise. There are German cities it's worth seeing.


Have a good time dear Debra.