Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Yoginis like to fly.....

Oh help, lol, I need a parachute.

Nakrasana (the pose after mayurasana) is a pose for those who like to fly. It's one of the few asanas where springiness is required. Most of the time the movements are slow and steady. Nakrasana in the middle part is dynamic. 5 times one has to jump forward and 5 times one has to jump backward.

In Brazil my bf to me while I practiced this pose: "Is this arduous?
Me: "Come on the mat and do it."
He did it and never asked anymore.

The tricks: 
- It's important to have the body firm, bandhas shall be engaged. The body shall not swing through. I think this is so in my case. I still swing too much. I'm a learner, too.
- Yes, effort is required. One must want it.

This pose is funny. I think it helps to develop a humorous attitude.

It's good advice to take the "likes" and "dislikes" not so seriously. It is how we view the world. What I love today I hated yesterday and the other way round. Simply doing this asana is the secret. Everybody can. And soon the next asana comes. Nakrasana is for building strength. Vatayanasana, the next one is again a balancing pose.
Stay tuned.


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