Tuesday, August 16, 2011


....a bit late. I cannot remember anymore to have switched off the alarm clock. But so it must have been. It seemed to be cosy in bed as I stayed  rather long there and look, today the sun is shining. 

Yesterday it rained again. I had bought the umbrella that I've designed.I wanted to see if it's good quality that is offered via spreadshirt. It is. Walking in the rain was as if I carried the sun around in a grey grey world. When I looked up I saw this yellow, yellower is not possible. I read: I love rain and this surely bettered my opinion about the weather. It made me laugh. You too can have such an experience, such a sun umbrella, too: Get it here.

Home practice today: Before I step on my mat I set a focus. At home the weak point is that I dawdle between the asanas. Shall I practice without a break till pincha mayurasana today. Picha mayurasna is the pose  I like to film. I divide a practice into steps. A classic yoga practice has 7 steps:
- 5 sun salutations A
- 3 sun salutations B
- standing sequence
- middle part, the filling of the sequence (can be divided, too. First part goes till the "relaxing" twists, second part is the leg behind back series, then comes the "easy" rest)
- Urdhva dhanurasana
- closing sequence
- savasana

After having practiced one part I enjoy for a moment what I've done so far and I encourage myself that the next part is doable, too. To break down a practice in steps makes it easier. The tiniest step is one breath. The next breath is always doable and with the next breath also the next movement. The focus on the tiniest unit makes it always possible to practice. To have a few middle goals can be additional motivating. The middle part and savasana are the most challenging and the most exciting parts. 

Practicing yoga is also a mental training:
- staying optimistic
- being concentrated and focused for about 2 hours
are some of the tasks. 

It's time to start. 

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