Friday, August 05, 2011

Supta kurmasana - a milestone has been reached

A milestone has been reached. I'm able to practice supta kurmasana alone without adjustments. I go via dwi pada sirsasana into this pose, a second series asana. One reason more to practice rather soon second series. Those yoginis with not so super long limbs have to cross the ankles behind the head and not in front of it when practicing this pose. 

My joy is great and also those remarks here that might sound a bit critical don't make my joy any smaller. I worked years for this pose. There is still a way to go.  

I cannot take care or the correct vinyasa count. Not yet. I need more breaths, to practice slowly is for my safety. I must feel my limits, I need time to stretch my legs before I take them behind my back. And I take this time.

One must be able to keep one leg (the left one) behind the head without holding it. The left hand must be on the floor to prevent the body from falling forward. The body is slightly forward otherwise one would role backwards. With the right hand one can push the right leg backwards. I try to bring the shoulders in front of the leg. The correct breathing helps to bring the right leg up and behind. I inhale when I lift it, I also lenghten the upper body. With the next exhaling I try to bring it backwards and cross the ankles. 
In order to lower the body to the floor it makes sense to have the hands in front of the body not too close to each other. Only then it's also possible to free them from the position, when the head is on the floor. 

In order to hook the fingers behind the back, the idea helps to hook the fingers as close to the head as possible. This is the shortest way. 

It would be nice to go from tittibasana A to bakasana. When my left leg doesn't hurt anymore I'll work on this.

Supta kurmasana is a key asana of the first series. 

Next milestones of primary are coming up from urdhva dhanurasana and the vinyasas, jumping forward and backward without touching the floor. Whatever comes next. I enjoy a lot that I can do this pose now. 

It's Friday evening. We go out. Greek restaurant tonight. 


Yyogini said...

Thanks so much for posting this! This is very helpful!

MikBlogger said...

That's a joyfully pose. I sometimes stand it at the end of my practice, or even sometimes when watching tv. Crossing legs behind head is a key for powerful confidence. Great and I admire you. Keep the good way and you will challenge your jumps very soon, and also I'm sure you will success again.

Grimmly said...

Congratulations Ursula, happy for you. The 'correct' vinyasa will come as get more comfortable with it but it's a NICE looking Supta kurmasana. You were able to lift up in Dwi pada too and slip into Tittibhasana too, your strong, that bakasana exit wont be long in coming. Great work.

Tracy said...

CONGRATULATIONS U!!!! It was a bsolutely Beautiful!!! Beautiful!!!
Enjoy now your Greek deserve a good one! xx

Ursula said...

OH my, I just returned and now I find these wonderful comments in my inbox. Life is good. Yeah let us all be crazy......:)

Ashley Arnold said...

Wow! Very beautiful! The feeling alone is amazing. Your vinyasa is so fluid :)

Ursula said...

The very good think also is: it feels good. :)

ionut said...

i was amazed ... u are brave ! to be honest it was a bit scary watching the movie in the beginning and i said to myself ... "she knows what she's doing , she won't get hurt" :))
congrats , u are the best Lady Bear!

Ursula said...

Thank you.
You see the result of several years of hard work. It's exciting to watch as it's not sure if I'm able to take both legs behind the head. But I was able to do it and they even remained there. Today I was not able to hook the fingers but in the movie, I was.

Supta kurmasana, a crazy pose, a key pose of the first series. It feels good.