Sunday, August 21, 2011

Sunday, the yoga week begins

Summer time. Finally we've a warm day here in Munich. It's even hot. I expect a bendy body. Sweating will be inevitable.

My current schedule is second series from Sunday through Wednesday. Thursday and Friday I practice primary.
When I miss a practice, it's missed.

Focus of my practice today shall be concentration: I want to practice the whole thing in one piece. Concentration is an exercise for the mind.

Mysore classes (practicing in a group re one's own rhythm) shall finally lead to a self-practice. It's amazing how much influence a group can have on the practice. Being alone needs so much more self-discipline. It's doable.

I have a poll on the blog: Please vote. Another yoga calender is planned. I like to find out what you like to have. 
The yoga calender 2012 can be purchased here:

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