Thursday, August 18, 2011

Tittibasana and time.......

When tittibasana C is done, I sigh silently. Half of it is over then. When I made it till the end of tittibasana C the rest is a piece of cake. Almost. haha.

The tricks to perform the above asanas:
- The shoulders are supposed to be behind the legs. It's easier to take them behind the legs when the knees are bend and when the feet are at the outer rim of the mat.
- Try to wrap the arms as high as possible around the back (direction to the head). This is the shortest way.

These poses need a lot of strength. I'm sweating, I cannot hide it.

Time: This monster Ashtanga yoga must be tamed from time to time. It IS time-consuming.
To manage time is a task for everybody. Sometimes other important activities must come first and not my yoga practice. Time was also part of the online discussion a few days ago. Tim Ferris was invited by Chase Jarvis. To focus on the 20% important things is important. Distractions are everywhere. I know this, too well.
Chase Jarvis talked about photography. I wrote about it it my new blog on photography. Please have a look. I've also created a link on Facebook, if you prefer this.

Ashtanga yoga on Thursdays: Primary is on the schedule. This is also good, because it doesn't last so long as second series.
Last night I had an idea how I could improve the vinyasas, jumping forward and backward. I will exercise to get from bakasana to handstand. I will put a blanket in front of me, because I've to move my body forward and I'm not sure if my arms are already strong enough. I will also practice it close to a wall as a support.

Time to move on..........

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