Friday, August 19, 2011

Primary on Thursday

Yesterday night I had prepared such a nice collage with Picasa and this morning gmail and blogger couldn't be opened. This is a major catastrophe. The good sides: Suddenly I had a lot of time and I cleaned like speedy gonzales. The results are fantastic. Tomorrow the show goes on. There is still a lot to do, but tomorrow my practice comes first. 

My last primary disappointed me. All poses were so volatile. Supta kurmasana was not really possible. I had difficulties to hook the fingers. Repetition brought them a bit closer together so that I could hook, but it was so  weak. 
Also the vinysasas got worse. To practice them twice a week is not enough. They need more exercise to improve. 
This is really a hot tip: Exercise with passion the vinyasas right from the beginning on. The first step is to lift up the body and to be on the hands with crossed legs. If possible to swing forward and backward it's even better. No asana without vinyasa. It's so easy to betray oneself here. One only postpones to see the importance of learning it. The earlier one realizes the importance, the better. Strength is needed. Me too, I prefer stretching. 

I'm fully recovered from the disappointment of a lousy practice after a day off. Motivation returned. Yepeeee tomorrow I can practice again. :)

Shall this be enough blogging for today. The day is over and the evening, too. 

I love the idea from boodiba to dedicate a month to a pose. In my case this can only be urdhva dhanurasana.
From next week on this pose gets an extra dose of love and attention.

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