Thursday, August 25, 2011

The poll is over

It was an interesting poll. In the beginning it was rather close, but the color won (which I regret). Black and white pictures are so posh, they are a statement, minimalistic. They transport calmness, steadiness. Color is more lively for sure. OK, the majority prefers color, I understand.

I also tended to produce a next yoga calender with only balancing poses, then the following year with only back bending poses and so on. Only very few people liked this.

Perhaps I should produce 2 calenders every year, a b&w one and a color one.

Thank you for having voted.


Thursday is today and I'll practice primary:
The week points are still the vinyasas.
The following poses need special attention perhaps even repetition:
- upavishta konasana A (my pics show that I was better already. My overstretched left leg didn't allow me to go deeper the last time when I took a picture.) Of course I will practice with attention and care. Lesson understood. Nothing can be forced.
- supta hasta padangusthasana
- supta parsvasahita
- urdhva dhanurasana (I drop back again on my own. It's again scary but doable.)

The following asanas I'll add:
- eka pada sirsasana before supta kurmasana
- forward split after supta hasta padangustasana

I don't need any props.
Only when I practice urdhva dhanurasana I use a strap around my legs to keep them parallel. Not needing any props allows to continue the practice without interruption.
Nevertheless it will be a concentration exercise not to leave the mat for breaks. Shall this be my challenge.
The warm weather here makes my body soft and bendy. It's such a support.

Ah, better to practice than to talk about it.....:)

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