Monday, August 22, 2011

Pincha mayurasana - with strap and block

I call it often "pincha" when I talk about pincha mayurasana
It's the forearm stand, a balancing pose of the second Ashtanga series. 
I thought I'd learn it faster, but nice poses take time to master.

The challenge first is that the forearms are supposed to be parallel and not like in headstand forming a triangle.

1. The first exercise that I was taught was to use a strap around my upper arms, that keep them shoulder width apart from each other. Between my hands (thumb and index finger) is the block. The block prevents the arms to move inward. My arms are stabilized that way and this allows me to press them into the floor. New muscles needed to be build in the upper body. In the beginning I was sore. With  time I developed strength. Till now I use these props first.
I exercise against a wall. The challenge is to be far enough away from the wall, so that the feet don't touch the wall when coming up. 

It surely helps when a person is able to do forward split. Then one leg can go in position, the other leg only has to follow. I have to swing, sometimes I swing too much, sometimes not enough to come up. 

I can be in this position for several breaths without touching the wall. The position became stable, I learned how to balance. A strong body helps, means using the bandhas. The fingers too can help a lot to balance, so the position of the head and the drishti. Gazing at the third eye calms the position.

2. The next step that I learned was to go from headstand to pincha mayurasana. First I did handstand, with an inhaling I put the flat hands on the floor as far away from each other as possible. I  exhale. With the next inhaling I lift up my body and my head. The inhaling (and this rhythm) helps enormously. The goal is not to touch the wall with the feet when lifting up.

3. Next exercise that I exercise is to do pincha mayurasana close to the wall as psychologically support, but without block and strap

I know that I have to do it in the middle of the room now. I'm so scared. I fear I'll die when I fall. But this is the next step, to conquer the fear and to do it. I move away from the wall slowly. Each time when I try this pose I make the distance to the wall a bit larger a few inches, not very courageous I am here. 

It should be doable. Soon. 

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Happy Monday.

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