Thursday, August 11, 2011

The mind....

The body doesn't show every day the same strength and flexibility.

The mind can even change faster. From one second to the next the mood can change without any reason. I consider myself as relatively balanced, nevertheless also I experience from time to time different states of my mind. A few days ago a man asked me: "Why do you not go back to your well-paid job as an accountant. There is a need on the market." Good that I've found someone whom I could blame for my bad mood yesterday. I'm writing a book, I answered. But I don't write every day. Why ever. A reason/excuse why I don't write is quickly found. This character of one of the last Woddy Allen movies comes into my mind when I'm thinking of my volatile writing activities. This man of this movie wrote one bestseller but he couldn't repeat this. He stole the book of his friend in the end only to have anything to publish. I've still my own ideas, but I'm so lazy sometimes I think, so undisciplined, so doubtful.

I will be poor when I'll be old, I thought, very poor. Nobody will hire me anymore. I will have to work 45 hours every week for an apple and an egg and I won't have time anymore to practice yoga. I'll only have to work to have something to bite and even this will be difficult. I'll be desperate. I won't be able to buy new glasses for my weak eyes. I don't want to mention how my teeth will look like when neglected because lack of money. Ruminant thoughts sometimes lead to low energy and I was even too lazy to prepare dinner yesterday: I wrote an email to my bf: Do you want to eat at home? We're an old couple and he understood my question. Let's go out, he answered. :) This bettered my mood at once.

I don't take my moods so seriously anymore. That's how life manifests, I think. Thoughts come up all the time. Sometimes they are with nice contents, sometimes with contents that bother me and make myself doubt about what I'm doing. This weakens me. It will pass, it will pass I console myself then. Thoughts are not the reality.

Ashtangis have learned to compass the mind. 
- Daily I exercise to focus on the breath. This is a technique that can be useful when the thinking mind becomes strong and disturbing.
- Knowing that thinking positively (I can) is more helpful than thinking negatively. I exercise this on my mat, too.
- Another technique is to observe and to let go. Thoughts are nothing but thoughts. They come and go. I welcome them and I say good -bye to them after having enjoyed them or after having cursed them. Observing the mind can be exercised when meditating.
- Sometimes music lifts up the mood.
- Most of the time one only has to wait. Only change is permanent. Knowing this is consoling, too.

Ashtanga yoga is a tool to better life, Mr Swenson described Ashtanga yoga. I agree. Techniques for the mind exercised on the mat can be applied in daily life. The mind is often neglected because the asanas are so seductive beautiful and it's fun to work on them. Last but not least - body and mind are one unit. We exercise also the mind on the mat.

We tried a new Italian restaurant yesterday. It was rustical and very good: nice service, best food. This morning I overslept. At 8:30 I opened my eyes. Shall it be so, I think. I got up and looked into the mirror and realized that I've few more grey hair in my eyebrows. This made me laugh.

Primary today: There is a lot to do. The vinyasas need extra love and repetition. On the picture upavishta konasana can be seen. I integrated this asana in my daily life. I sit in this position when I'm reading a book. That way I hope I can improve this pose. The chin shall touch the floor without giving up the straight back.

Peace of mind can be experienced despite all the ups and downs, turbulences and joys, when it's possible to accept what is because so it is how life manifests in this Ursula-thing.
Everything out of my control, how entertaining.

Action now. The sun is shining and I feel a lot of energy. :)


Anonymous said...

My dear, dear U.. I love how you are so open and real about your blog posts..suggestion: you may need to do a "clearing process" when these negative thoughts come up about being "old" and "poor"... Clearing process is writing down your mind talk, thought by thought and then analyse each thought and label with this: is it 'true' 'false' or 'don't know'...anything that fits the false or don't know, gets let go.. let it go.. let it go.. let it go.. concentrate on what you know to be true. Allow yourself to live 'above the line' just a bit, not too euphoric but not below the line for too long either.
Om Shanti

Anonymous said...

Also, you are still my great inspiration even when a bit down, as we all are there from time to time.

Ursula said...

Dear Debb, you're so nice. Thank you for your friendship.

Also when I'm doubtful re my projects I'm no more so doubtful than I used to be. There is also another feeling at the same time: let it be as it is. Can this be? Yes, it can.

Next chapter is coming soon. Wink. I feel well!


Om Shanti.

ionut said...

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Ursula said...

Thank you ionut for your interest in my business, your research and your ideas. :)

There is a statistic on my blog on the right side. It's public, you can view it if you're interested. Most readers come from the US. People come from more than 30 countries this is so exciting how the world is connected nowadays. Wonderful.

It would be too early to give up my enterprise to make money from home, online.

I'm actually working on a book, my own product, written in English.

Doubts are part of the game, I think. I worked already on some asanas for more than 8 years.....I do have a long breath, stubbornness perhaps, too. I go on to follow my ideas of working independently.

It's doable, it must be doable.
A life is rich when we're allowed to experience many facets of it, many tastes. "Negative" feelings do not really bother me anymore. Most of the time I life on the sunny side of life...:)
Thank you for your encouragement.

Cordially greetings to you. :)

Marie said...

Very nice post. Right. Wait awhile and something else comes up.

I like to think of thoughts like clouds; they pass over the sun and the hills, then they move on...

Good practice!

Ursula said...

Hi Marie, the metaphor to see thoughts as clouds is very nice.

Life is rich when it has many tastes and thoughts and situations.

I'm in peace.
I read between the lines that you feel good, too.

All the best. Ursula

ionut said...

Just came home out of town ... i really think u should do more with your online business until u finish the book ! when u will finish the book i'll buy it , if the book is about asanas be sure to write there about hamstrings , at least one page , please :P

Ursula said...

Hamstrings......a good topic for my blog.

Have a good day.