Wednesday, August 10, 2011

The long breath........

After eka pada sirsasana, dwi pada sirsasana and yoga nidrasana come three further poses that require to take the legs behind the shoulder. It's tittibasana A, B and C. I filmed it lately.

My latest insights: Tittibasana B has a static phase and a dynamic phase. One walks 5 steps forward and 5 steps backward. I wondered how to breathe. Lifting the foot means inhaling, posing it on the floor means exhaling. The steps are not short steps, but long ones.

Legs behind head increase the flexibility of the hips enormously. These poses are still very volatile. It will take time till I'll be really happy with the performance. Simply practicing it is the secret. Repeating the poses helps a lot. Staying longer in this poses also. The upper body is lengthening in most asanas, the chest remains open.

Of course I doubt sometimes if my "hobby" is too time-consuming. But I love to practice Ashtanga yoga and it's for my health, too. I need to be smart and I need to trust that it's possible to build a life around yoga, a work life that brings money.

Time to nap for 30 min. Then I should be relaxed for the next chapter of my book.


Anonymous said...

First I must say that it looks great when you do your asanas
How long have you done yoga?
I begun my yoga 2005 with hatha yoga, and virya yoga, and now ashtangayoga
I have practicing ashtanga for eight monts, and I have reach bhujapidasana

Ursula said...

Thank you.

I discovered yoga 30 years ago, it was hatha yoga. I had a book by Iyengar and by André van Lisbeth (Sivananda style).

Since 8 years I practice Ashtanga yoga. When I started with this style I thought I've done nothing with my body so far.

In my first Ashtanga years I thougth the series stops with navasana.....enjoy your practice.