Tuesday, August 23, 2011


I won't omit writing about karandavasana.
1. It's recommended not to omit practicing it. It's one of the most difficult asanas of the second series. Visualizing counts as practicing....:) If we avoid anything we'll never know if we'll be able to do it one day. Better to exercise it, surprises may happen.

2. If something, whatever this might be, seems to be too difficult it's recommended to divide it into tiny steps.

Before karandavasana can happen, one must be able to do pincha mayurasana. I give extra energy to this pose. I repeat it more often than once.

What else do I exercise to approach karandavasana:
1. I go into headstand close to the wall, fold my legs into padmasana, then I put my hands flat on the floor. With the next inhaling I try to lift my body up into pincha mayurasana with folded legs. I regularly fall against the wall. It's important to be very close. The goal of this exercise is to balance.

2. Before his summer vacation M gave me another exercise, another tiny but difficult step. I do pincha mayurasana against the wall. The one feet can use the wall as support while the one leg will fold and go into padmasana. Believe me, this is difficult. I can do padmasana while in headstand, being in pincha mayurasana and doing it is a totally different thing. I'm far away from being able to do this tiny step.
3. Strength is necessary for this pose. I don't avoid any asana that helps me to build it. Without strength it's not possible to come up from the pose.

It will take years to learn this pose, but it seems to be doable.

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Quentin said...

have you ever tried going from crow to tripod headstand, reverse direction of palms and come down into peacock? does ashtanga have this in any of the series? at sivananda yoga ranch this was one we practiced. i did not attempt until home and was surprised I could do this, but coming out of peacock afterwards seemed hazardous. peacock is easier to do using a chair with space under back support. another headstand variation we did was going from crow to tripod headstand and back into crow. I was first to do this in the class and teacher asked me to repeat again. Second time was easier than first.

Ursula said...

Yes, Quentin, this is also something I practice, but it's much easier than being in forearm stand.