Monday, August 15, 2011

I like Mondays

2 days no yoga. Ah. This creates sometimes the fearful thought: how will it be today?. I won't compare my today's performance with the performance of last week, but I will find out where are my limits today. Slowly I'll go a bit further, the discomfort that is felt when stretching shall still be called discomfort and not pain. This discomfort can be even blended with a sort of pleasure. It's like a sweet-sour dish, or sour-hot.

Second series will be on my schedule. (OH, my back bending will be lousy, lol. Another fearful thought comes up). So what, I mean, really. I've not to pass a test or prove anything. It's for my health, my strength, my flexibility. Whenever I move and breath, it's good for me, and fun, too (most of the times).

Practicing in a Mysore class is the best start that I can have on a rainy Monday. The group (pressure) will help me a lot.

- Yesterday I was busy with my "projects". My yoga calender 2012 is now for sale on zazzle USA. A link is on the right side.
- I started a photography blog. And what a joy in the morning already: I have a first secret follower. :) You're welcome.
- Today I'll write another chapter of my book. It's on the schedule.

One of the next chapters here on my blog will be about pincha mayurasana. Stay tuned.

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WindsOf Tohi said...

simply amazing you inspir me to expand my yoga work outs. Thank you for sharing. Tink aka Tohi

ionut said...

i'm in love with Ursula ... she is just amazing!i'm wishing her a happy monday!

Ursula said...

Very welcome WindsOf Tohi

Ursula said...

Oh, smiling, I love it when you're in love with Ursula....and I am happy, too...:)

Much fun for you, too.
Oh, I realized you like my photo-blog. What a motivation to shoot exciting pictures.....:)

ionut said...

Ursula , i wanted to ask you the week before in the of your blog followers in fact in my name in particular ...if it wouldn't be too much for you and if you have the time, could u write a post about your spiritual achievements? could you please tell us what is your perception of God and if you believe there is one and what is your perception on divinity in general.And could you tell us please if it is not too intimate what are your goals as a yogi and ... have u reached satori? did u have special stuff happening during meditation? you could write a post about all these and share with us the wisdom of a simple woman.
Take care Lady Bear!

Ursula said...

Ionut, I will write about it, because you asked me. Give me some time. It's a post that needs some time as I must reflect where to start and how to express myself. :)

Have a good day. Cordially greetings.

ionut said...

No hurry! Write when you will be in the mood for it ,maybe at the end of the week ... and ,just share what u think it's ok to share !the thoughts of simple woman ...