Monday, August 29, 2011

I had a black out today

I had a black out today during the Mysore class. I couldn't remember anymore when to practice bakasana A and B. And then I forgot to practice pincha mayurasana and karandavasana. How could I........., I thought. D had the  idea to practice it after the headstands and this was such a good idea. It fits. Also pincha mayurasana and karandavasana are inversions. 
So I had the luxury of a perfect support in karandavasana. And it's difficult to adjust this pose as it's very volatile. Sometimes I can balance easily, sometimes not.

It's evening already: At least I practiced, I can say. Hahahaha and I ate well. I paid one overdue bill and cleaned the kitchen. I live as if my time is unlimited.

My train ticket to Berlin is already in my handbag. Tomorrow I'll get to the capital. How nice.
I'll have time to practice in one of the yoga studios, which is something I'm looking forward to..........and I'll see friends and my E.....:).

I know we've all only 24 hours........we only use them differently.

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Quentin said...


Note that when in this pose, the feet are close together not wide apart with heels falling to the side. heels should touch.

I hope this helps. See the following link: